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Where is the Love?

yer all tramazizeng meh stawp it!

Blackjacks are now fighting with eachother? For what? People come on, grow up .. what the ' F ' is your problem? I dont get people anymore. Behave yourself and take a look at yourself
how youre all acting to eachother and about 2ne1? Who is here the big loser YOU ALL ARE.
( who are disrespectfull

First it was Blackjacks against Sones, and i'm like SMACK MY HEAD 3004949 TIMES
ALL THE WAY TO CHINA. Now you can see how childish people really are complaining
about who is better or not. What a bullshit. And now? What is it now? I dont get it. Why would fans fight with eachother who both love the same group? 
Is it because of Dara again? Cause she isnt good enough for 2ne1? Shut up please
first take a big look at yourself in the mirror before talking shit about Dara .. She is the one who made it in 2ne1 NOT YOU. She wouldnt be in 2ne1 if she didnt have any talent. And that shit about that some girls have not enough singing lines well it's just the way it is & accept it. You cant do anything about it cause the song is already out. And i think that
if i had 4 lines to sing i would have asked for more and talk about it with my girls. 
 I love Dara, She can sing, She can dance, She is sweet She is pretty, She is a natural beauty.
I'll be with them forever, i'll wait nomatter how long it takes, i'll love them forever cause i havent stop loving them since 2009. They are my sister they make me cry they give me goosebumps and there isnt one song i dont like, there isnt one girl i dont like. I like them all for who they are. And you love a group for them all, not just for 1 cause she is the only one whos got swag. Okay everyone has a favorite but thats different thn only liking one from a group out of 4.
Well i'm just getting tired of all the bullshit some ' blackjacks ' and anti fans are saying.
Now it's like everyone who really loves 2ne1 is a monster cause they only fight and complain about the members. And i shouldnt pay attention to it but i do, cause 2ne1 means alot to me.
And this just has to stop, it's so immature and childish like common guys? Take a look at yourself pleaaaaszeeuaah yer all tramazizeng meh just stawp it alreadeh. Youre not getting anybetter of direspecting another. And like people say; calling someone ugly doesnt make you prettier. 

I may have said some things 400 times but its just aghr SMH times where you can find my head in China. 

Now all enjoy their new song: Be Mine.
1: CL 2: DARA 3: BOM 4: MINZY
Cute Hello Kitty 4