Japanese host clubs.

I was watching a tv show, called: in 80 days around the world where 5 women date foreigner man. And today they were in Tokyo, and it is normal that women can hire a Japanese man to spend the night with for having a drink, dance chat & have fun. 2 women were like: Sick minded and what kind of industry is this? But i think its nice for a lonely woman to go to something like this. Have attention cause all women wants & likes to have attention. 

Why is it not normal?
Why can man go to hookers and have dirty sex? why is that normal, and this not? I dont know if the Japanese guys like to do this but i cant think they dont like to do it cause nah i dont know i would like to earn money just to chat and have some fun with man nothing wrong with that but thats my opinion.

 but for the people who spend the nights behind the window i think the most dont want to stand there so why is it normal to have sex with those girls? And having a fun evening with a man having a nice chat, drink some alcohol go to karaoke bars and dance not? I would like to see what it is like to ' have the menu card ' in front of me and pick one nice guy and have a good time with him. 

Cute & Alcohol.
And i think its cute that some of them touch your arm to say ' i like you ' Bring you to Disney for your first date. That they are very polite and charming, holding the door like those old skool manners. And so what, that they need a beer to ' not be shy anymore ' HOW MANY people need ALCOHOL to be theirselves? And now that i'm talking about Asian man, people say: Once you go black you never go back. But i say: Once you go Asian you never go back! 

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